Amanda Johnson

Love the life you have and have the life you want


Welcome! I’m Amanda Johnson.

My mission is to help you turn your critic into your ally by giving you tools and techniques to love the life you have and, ultimately, have the life you want.

Over the years I’ve been to known to call myself a recovering perfectionist, self-diagnosed highly sensitive person, ENFJ, pisces and many other labels in an attempt to ‘find myself.’

Then one day I realized I was going about it all wrong. I’d spent years trying to find myself by trying to fix myself. I judged. I resisted. I held onto beliefs and stories that weren’t true.

On my journey, I have discovered some incredible things. I learned that it’s not about fixing myself — it’s about shutting up long enough to hear my authentic self and then love the hell out of her.

I help people realize they are amazing just the way they are so that they can experience more ease, joy and possibility in each and every moment.

I find that when I judge, resist or attach, I suffer. So, I’ve done a lot of work. And through this work, I discovered some things that I think are super useful and am on a mission to share this with the world.

As a former actress (you better believe I’ve got a dramatic side!), teacher, consultant and self-help junkie, I have merged all that I know into a (fairly) simple approach to help others experience more joy in the life they already have.

I deliver some woo-woo ideas in a practical, to-the-point way so that we can go from talking about loving our life to actually loving it.

That’s because I’ve done the work myself. I get it. And I help others get it, too. I can’t do the work for you but I am here to serve as your guide.

I’m certainly not perfect nor an expert. I am simply a woman with a vision for a better world—knowing that it starts within—and a lot of experience working from the inside out.

Together we can raise the overall global consciousness just a little bit higher. By now we all know that it starts within. Be the change. We’ve heard it all before—so let’s finally do something about it. Let’s start with ourselves. Then, let’s change the world.

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