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How to Have Your Ego and Beat It, Too


A recurring thought of mine as I’ve been on this journey and started my own business has been: “How do I operate from a place with no ego while building a business centered around letting go of ego?”

First of all, for those of you asking yourselves, “What in the world is she talking about? What is this ‘ego’ she keeps referring to?”

Much of how I think about the ego and what I mean when I talk about the ego is based on Eckhart Tolle’s definition of ego: “Ego is the unobserved mind that runs your life when you are not present as the witnessing consciousness, the watcher.”

In other words, whenever you find yourself getting in your head about something, the ego is in full swing. {Tweet that!}

Now, back to my dilemma (because I know you’re dying to find out what I’m discovering).

As Eckhart Tolle reminds us, there is no getting rid of the ego. The best we can do is observe it as often as we can. By bringing attention to it, we begin to break the hold it has on our lives and operate from a more conscientious place (as opposed to operating on auto-pilot).

If you are interested to learn more about how I’m coming to terms with this and how it can apply to your own life, check out this week’s video.

In this video, I share one of the quickest ways for us to go from knowing what to do with our ego to doing it and just how powerful of a shift that can be.

The ego is here to stay but that doesn’t mean it gets the final say. {Tweet that, too!}

Start to notice when your ego (that part of yourself that feels attached to outcomes and rules, likes and dislikes, identities and beliefs) reacts to something or desires something. Simply noticing when it occurs is the very way to begin to take its power away.

And the less power our ego has in our life, the less frustration and more compassion we can experience.

Now it’s your turn. What do you do when you notice yourself getting in your head too much or operating on auto-pilot?

Hop on over to the blog to share your wisdom in the comments below this video! I absolutely love learning what works for others and your tip might be just the thing someone needs to hear today.

So many of us (myself included!) spend so much time and energy getting attached to the idea of being “ego-less” that it becomes just another thing we identify with (which the ego loves!). So please pass this along to anyone who feels the need to rid themselves of their ego or might benefit from learning the quickest way to experience less frustration and more ease.

With gratitude …

PS I’d love to include you in my updates on the program I’ll be launching later this summer, so be sure to sign up here if you haven’t already! As a gift, you’ll receive my dirty little secrets to loving the life I have.


Author: Presence Matters

Amanda Johnson has one mission: to help people turn their critic into their ally so they can love the life they have and have the life they want. She does this through her work as a writer and presence coach. After years of struggling with depression, motivation and finding any purpose, Amanda made a choice to transform her experience of life. She realized that when she resisted, judged or attached to “what is” she suffered and that this is true for all of us. From this place, the idea to help others cultivate ease and joy through “Presence Matters" was born. Amanda is a seasoned professional with more than 10 years’ experience performing, educating, facilitating and consulting for Fortune 500 companies with the personal mission to reach and change lives for the better. Her passion for helping others—be it a 2nd-grader or a CEO—and her ability to connect with and inspire those she meets are unleashed by her wit, charm, and eloquence, making her message resonate deeply with her audience. For more information and to work with her, visit

4 thoughts on “How to Have Your Ego and Beat It, Too

  1. I just started following your blog and not a moment too soon. I have struggled with my own relationship to my ego. How to stop the attachments to results, activities, thoughts, other people’s view of me, etc. I used to look at it like a war, either him or me, but now I am resigned to the fact that this is a relationship and I have to decide who is in control, the ego or me. I am grateful for the post and the thoughts that have come from it. You are doing great!


    • Welcome, Jonathan! I’m so glad you are here and that this resonates so much with where you are at on this journey. I love how you say you now see it “as a relationship” and get to choose who is “in charge.” Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and I look forward to hearing more from you!


  2. Your ego (not YOUR ego Amanda, just peoples’!) is also very seductive, it’s very good at ‘luring’ you into identifying with it. But it’s great that so many of us now have recognized the difference between the real self and the ego, or the thoughts we tend to have that come to define us (hopefully not, anymore). It’s funny when I catch myself becoming angry, and I notice it, and it makes me laugh. Keep on shining that light of awareness!

    Liked by 1 person

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